110 Colorful Compression Socks Which Make Compression Fun

110 Colorful Compression Socks Which Make Compression Fun

Compression socks are not very sexy are they? For some reason, the industry standard is to make them drab and as boring as possible. For a long time they have been considered a medical necessity, and so little attention has gone into their design. 

The good news is that colorful compression socks do exist!

Now it is finally possible to get fun, stylish and fashionable compression socks

Because why not? Compression socks can be more than just supportive, they can be fun as well. You probably wear compression socks quite often, so the way they look does matter. 

In this post, we review 5 compression socks brands which are making compression socks fun. Between them, there are 110 styles to choose from! You might also be interested in cute compression socks for nurses.

Our Current Top Rated Compression Socks

Cute And Colorful Compression Socks For Women

Colorful Support Socks Reviews

  • 7 fun and decorative styles to choose from
  • Available in small to extra large
  • Graduated 20-30mmHg compression promotes blood circulation
  • Perfect for both everyday and sports use

At 20-30mmHg compression, these decorative compression socks are very robust and suited to just about everyone. Whether you need compression socks for sports, air travel or medical conditions, these turn ordinary socks into something fun. They come in 7 styles  and various sizes. The customer reviews are very positive with just about everyone loving them. We are confident you will too!

  • 14 styles to choose from
  • Regular size fits women size 9-11
  • 8 mmHg light compression promotes blood circulation without feeling too tight

These fun compression socks by Think Medical are inexpensive and come in 14 different varieties. At 8mmHg, the compression is very light, so if you need heavy duty compression you should consider an alternative. However for those who want light compression or want to transition into higher compression, these will work great. The customers love them and you are sure to as well. They come in one size which suits women's shoe sizes 5-10.

  • 7 decorative compression socks to choose from
  • Provide 15-20mmHg graduated compression
  • Knee high compression socks for best coverage
  • Available in extra small to large

These fashionable compression socks for women are fun and effective. At 15-20mmHg compression, they are suitable for most uses. Whether that be running, for a flight or to wear all day, they work. With the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, there is little doubt about these socks. Each of the 7 styles are bright and colorful.

  • Available in an incredible 78 styles
  • 8-15mmHg light compression won't feel too tight
  • One size designed to fit women shoe sizes 5-11

If you want cute compression socks look no further! These support socks by Celeste Stein are seriously fun. With a whopping 78 styles to choose from, there is a lot of fun to be had. 

At only 8-15mmHg compression, they are unlikely to suit those who work on their feet all day or need medical compression socks. However, compression does take getting used to, so these are perfect for anyone who wants time to adjust compression, or only needs light compression. 

  • Available in 4 styles
  • Strong 30-40mmHg compression 
  • Promote increased muscle recovery
  • Also suitable for everyday use

These cute compression socks are at the higher end of the compression scale. At 30-40mmHg, they provide a lot of support. Despite their compression, many customers have commented on the fact that they are actually quite easy to put on. Once on, they are comfortable and will stay in place all day. 

Whether you work on your feet all day, wear compression socks while running, or have some pesky varicose veins, these cute and colorful compression socks will do the trick.