Best Compression Socks For Large Calves

Best Compression Socks For Large Calves

Have you ever found in frustrating that the majority of  brands do not make extra large compression socks? It can make finding the best compression socks for large calves not always easy. In fact finding plus size compression wear in general is quite difficult.

So here's some good news:

Brands which specifically make extra wide calf compression socks do exist. 

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Our Current Top Rated Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks For Large Calves Reviews

  • Plenty of space for toes to wiggle
  • Effective gradient 20-30 mmHg compression
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Heel is reinforced for added strength and durability

The top pick for extra large compression socks has to be Jobst. They have a reputation for making the best compression socks, and this is also true for large calves. The price is higher than the rest,but what you get is high quality. If you are concerned about the quality of other brands, you will not be disappointed by Jobst extra large compression socks.

  • 20-30 mmHg gradient compression
  • Open toe for comfortable wiggling
  • Soft and smooth for comfortable all day wear
  • Slipping prevented by a comfortable band

This Future compression sock comes with high praise. Perfect for any condition which needs compression, it is comfortable and can be worn all day. Many customers have commented on their success with this sock. Keep in mind that this is just one sock. You will need to buy a second to have a full pair. Despite this is comes at a good price, and for extra large calves is just what you need.


  • Strong 30-40 mmHg compression
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Plenty of toe space
  • Professional style

If you are looking for extra large compression socks which look just like normal dress socks, here is your solution. They offer strong 30-40 mmHg compression and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Despite the strong compression, there is still sufficient toe space. For such a low price, these are difficult to beat for value.

  • Firm 20-30 mmHg compression
  • Comfortable for all day use
  • Made in USA
  • Up to 3XL size

Truform compression socks are known for their quality. They come in many different sizes and varieties to suit just about everyone. If you have extra large calves or very swollen legs, these compression socks are for you. They come up to size 3XL but are not ideal for short people. Some customers have commented that while the width is great, they are too long. However, you can easily fold them down over themselves to cater for this. These are highly recommended.

  • Designed primarily for athletic use, but suitable for all uses
  • Firm gradient compression
  • Variety of colors

These athletic compression socks are among the most popular available on Amazon and for good reason.They are very comfortable to wear and are durable. While designed by athletes for athletes, they are suitable for other uses. If you need compression socks for work, for air travel or any other use, they will meet your needs. They come in a variety of colors and include an extra large size. 

If you need compression socks for large calves, these will not disappoint.