Wearing Compression Stockings at Night

wearing compression stockings at nightCompression stockings can be used to significantly improve circulation in your legs, and can be used to help treat the development of conditions and help prevent them from occurring in the first place. They are designed to be worn all day, but what about wearing compression stockings at night?

In this article we will look at the different uses for wearing them, and why, in general, it’s best to take your stockings off before you go to sleep.

What Are Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings come in different shapes to cover both your feet and ankle, or higher up your leg. They are made from elastic material and will tighten around your leg to apply an even pressure. You can get them in different sizes, and it’s important you properly measure the area you want to apply compression to before purchasing some to ensure you get the intended effects.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are designed to help people with poor circulation, and those who are at risk of complications because of their lifestyles. They exert a constant pressure on the muscles and arteries within your leg, and will help with muscle endurance and recovery.

They also improve circulation by encouraging the arterial walls to dilate, which allows more blood to pass through, and increases the velocity at which blood travels- something that’s very useful if your circulation is poor.

Doctors will often recommend compression stockings for people with varicose veins, for example, because this is a condition that occurs if you have poor circulation. The legs are far away from the heart and gravity can cause blood to pool in the legs, so the constriction provided by compression stockings can make up the difference and stop these effects causing any problems.

They can also be helpful to prevent conditions developing in people who are unable to move much. Deep vein thrombosis can be a concern for those recovering in hospital or sat still for a long time on a flight, and compression stockings can reduce the chances of this happening. They also help athletes and people who need to stand or walk all day by providing an improved oxygen flow to the muscles.

When Do You Wear Compression Stockings?

The times you wear compression stockings completely depend upon your need for wearing them in the first place. If it is for sporting or active lifestyles, then you should wear them during the activity and maybe for a few hours afterwards while your muscles recover. If you are wearing them for medical reasons, you should follow the advice of your doctor.

Usually, such as with cases of varicose veins, they will need to be worn all day. This means putting them on when you get up in the morning and taking them off before bed to give your legs a chance to rest without constriction.

It’s not dangerous to wear them for long periods of time, though, so if you are wearing them on a plane to help avoid deep vein thrombosis, then it is totally fine to wear them for the entire flight and a little while afterwards to provide the protection you require.

With all cases that haven’t been explicitly recommended by doctors, the best thing is to experiment and see what produces the best effects in your situation. Sometimes this may be to wear them for short amounts of time, or sometimes for longer periods.

Should You Wear Compression Socks at Night?

While it isn’t too much of a problem if you were to wear your compression stockings for long amounts of time, it simply isn’t necessary to wear them overnight while you are asleep. The purpose of wearing them is that the compression improves circulation that is otherwise lacking. The particular problem that happens with the legs is the need for blood flow to fight against gravity, something that is not an issue while you are sleeping.

When lying down flat, there won’t be any problems with the blood’s ability to leave the legs. It would be best to remove the stockings so there’s a chance for your legs to recover without constriction, especially considering there will be no noticeable advantage to wearing them during these times. Of course, if your doctor recommends you wear them throughout the night as well, then you should defer to their judgment.

If you really want to wear them overnight and are wondering ‘Is it safe to wear compression socks to bed?’, then there’s no actual danger involved, so long as you ensure you take them off for some time during the day to allow your legs to relax.

The Takeaway

Compression stockings can be really useful to improve circulation in your legs, especially for people who are experiencing problems, and they are designed to be safe to wear for long periods of time. They will help with varicose veins and concerns of deep vein thrombosis, but wearing compression stockings at night will provide little to no benefit because of the way your legs are positioned when you sleep.