Best Knee Sleeves For Basketball Reviews

best knee sleeves for basketball

Picture this; you have worked so hard, dribbled the ball, and just when you are about to shoot to score, a shoe from your opponent hits you squarely on the knee. I know you know how painful that can be, right? So why not invest in the best knee sleeves for basketball? It’s not much of an investment, by the way, just a few bucks and you have a pack of knee sleeves to last you an entire season. In these basketball knee sleeve reviews, I’ll show you exactly what I am talking about.

What Defines The Best Basketball Knee Sleeve


The idea of buying a knee sleeve is because you either want knee protection, or your knees are already in pain. Either way, there is a perfect product for each situation. Always ensure your knee sleeve functions the way you intended it to before purchasing. Although, you could take a gamble with knee sleeves; because they are rather cheap anyway.

Quality and Durability

I hate shopping every other day. Therefore, I always invest in quality products. For you to determine whether a knee sleeve is durable or not, check the material. Most are made from spandex, but there are those made from a blend of two or more materials. I always find blended material ones to last longer.


This is yet another key factor for any sporty person. The reason being you are guaranteed to sweat a lot in the field. Therefore, knee sleeves that are cool and moisture wicking will ensure your knees are not excessively sweaty and greasy.

Offer Protection

The primary idea of a knee sleeve is to protect your knees, period! If the knee sleeve does more harm to you than good, please ditch it. And if you are allergic to some materials, e.g. Spandex, get a knee sleeve made from an alternative material. Finally, flexible knee sleeves ensure your knees flex along with them. That is exactly what offering protection is all about. On that note, if you are buying a knee sleeve to reduce swelling or pain, focus on the knee padding. Excellent knee padding guarantees you better compression. Therefore, your blood circulation will improve, consequently reducing swelling.

Easy To Wash And Maintain

As a basketballer, you will agree with me that there is no time to be OCD. Knee sleeves are a tiny addition to your wardrobe. And because of that, they should take little of your time to clean.

Basketball Knee Sleeve Reviews

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

  • Made from a blend of nylon & lycra
  • Anti-slip wave made from double silicone
  • Available for ladies, gents, and kids
  • Optimal compression grade
  • Available in different sizes- large, medium, small
  • 3D technology
  • Tight fitting and durable
  • Not ideal if you are allergic to spandex

Ultra Flex Athletics is ideal for professional athletes (such as basketball players and cyclists), runners, and weightlifters. You can wear it if you are a gentleman, lady, or even if you want to invest in one for your kids. The first thing that strikes me is the use of 3D technology. Ultra Flex Athletics stretches in 4 directions. This means that as a basketball player, you no longer feel unidirectional pressure. Blood circulation is achieved in all the angles of your knees uniformly. Isn’t that technology at its best?

The silicone material used is of high quality. As a result, you get the best compression. Because of that, blood flows better around your knee. And do you know what that implies? It means less swelling and more muscle relaxation. The anti-slip sleeves make the Ultra Flex Athletics the best basketball knee sleeve. This is because as a basketballer, you naturally run around a lot. Having your knee cap stay in place is a great relief. You won’t need to bend and readjust them, you get my point?

The black color looks stylish and fashionable. You won’t have an issue matching these knee sleeves with your sports outfit. Finally, they are so light in weight; you’ll forget you are wearing knee sleeves. You should pay attention to the fact that there is only one sleeve in the package, and that you might have to buy several. However, they are tight fitting and durable, and you don’t need to worry about spending too much money if you buy more than one, since they are highly affordable.

McDavid 6446 HEX Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

  • Material is 80% nylon/ 20% spandex
  • The knee sleeves are breathable
  • HEX Technology featured on the leg sleeves
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • Sold as 2 sleeves in a pack
  • Colors are black or white with different sizes available
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Cellular padding is made from Radical Hexpad

The hDc Technology used in this basketball sleeve is a great feature. You get awesome hydration in addition to keeping cool. For a basketball player, this would be ideal because you sweat a lot. Therefore, unnecessary moisture losses via the legs are reduced. This basketball knee sleeve has an extended length. This is great because you get a superior fit, and it will protect you knee even better. We all know basketball players are blessed with height, right? A semi-fitting knee sleeve would look horrendous.

The padding offered is sufficient to protect against hard impacts. However, this should not happen often. This is because the knee sleeve is not made for constant collision (the material is relatively thin) and therefore you will compromise its durability. That said, your knees will admire the padding on McDavid 6446 HEX. Talk of total protection. This knee sleeve would be excellent for sports with fewer ground collisions. Basketball and volleyball are great examples.

This knee sleeve offers great mobility. It is light in weight, therefore, you won’t feel as if you are dragging dead weight on your knees. They stretch well and will easily conform to any shape of the leg. This is further enhanced by the sleeves radical, cellular material.

Morris Strengthen Kneepad Honeycomb Knee Pads

  • Breathable polyester fabric
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Honeycomb compression design
  • Anti-slip band
  • Super elastic
  • 2 pieces included in a single pack
  • Different sizes and colors available

The Morris knee pads are ideal for sporty people such as; runners, basketballers, footballers, cyclers, and golfers. The polyester fabric used in these best knee sleeves for basketball is not only elastic but also gives you a light and smooth feel. That is what I call breathability. Your feet won’t feel sweaty and hot.

In addition, the honeycomb compression pad is sturdy and very effective. You will feel a soothing massage on your knees as you enjoy playing basketball. Because of that, the Morris kneepads are a great asset for swollen knees and aching leg muscles. They seem to be very durable, and even though they are longer than usual knee sleeves, they are compact and won’t slide off your legs.

The anti-slip pad ensures your basketball knee sleeve stays in place throughout your basketball match. This is great, right? I hate having to bend over every time to pull up falling knee sleeves. They have a beautiful design. Unless you are super tall, the Morris kneepads will cover your knees all the way up to your thighs. This is excellent. It is especially relevant for use during winter. Your legs will be warm, yet at the same time, your knees will be protected.

While the long knee sleeves may not be everybody’s favorite, the extra length ensures that the Morris knee pads stay in place. Finally, they come in several sizes to ensure you get your best fit. And you can also match them with almost any sports outfits. That’s because they have various colors to choose from.

REACHS Basketball Honeycomb Knee Pads

  • Made from polyester fabric
  • Shock-resistant honeycomb
  • 2 pieces included in a single pack
  • Breathable fabric
  • They don’t fall off easily
  • Very light in weight
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • A snug fit around your thighs

These Kneepads are ideal for generally any sports activities including running. Their material is a great choice. These knee pads are not only made of breathable materials, but also shock resistant. That’s a great deal for any basketball player, right? In addition, the anti-slip silicone strip keeps them in position. The padding is thick enough to offer great protection for your knees.

You will experience a snug fit around your thighs. This would be a good thing if you squat a lot. It is however not ideal if you are dealing with a swollen or painful knee. You need a good squeeze at all times to enhance blood circulation. In any case, you don’t have to worry about always pulling them up when you’re in motion, as they stay put on your knees.

In addition, you would get two sleeves in one pack, which makes them even more affordable when compared to other basketball sleeves in the same price range, but only offer one sleeve in the package. They also come in various sizes and colors, so you can get the exact fit and style you desire.

AceList Protective Compression Wear - Men & Women Basketball Brace Support

  • Available in different sizes
  • Anti-slip silicone grip
  • Patterned pad
  • They are odorless
  • Quite light in weight
  • They are thin and breathable
  • They stretch well, therefore, flexible
  • They wear and tear relatively fast

The AceList knee braces are ideal for sporting activities with physical contact. Good examples would be basketball, volleyball, rugby, and martial arts just to mention a few. They can also be worn by both women and men.

The AceList would tick any basketball player's box because of their fabric. The fact that it is an antibacterial material ensures zero or little odor. The last thing you need as a basketball player is smelly knees. It’s enough you have to deal with smelly socks, right?

In addition, the AceList basketball knee sleeves are super thin, which makes them quite breathable. However, this might be a disadvantage since your best knee sleeves for basketball won’t last long. Not to worry, though, the price is quite cheap so you can invest in a few more pairs. Another great feature is the silicone grip strip, because it ensures that the knee braces stay in place. This knee sleeve will hold in position even as you do squats. But, you need to have the right size for your legs.

The knee pad is yet another awesome invention as it is quite flexible. It also gives you a snug fit. Because of that, you won’t feel cramped on the knees. In addition, you will get good protection against physical impact during your matches.

This is one of the few knee sleeves that retain its shape after washing. You can wash and dry them in your washing machine and dryer. Isn’t that cool?

The Final Word

Before you gear up for that basketball match, think about your body. Just like you carry a bottle of water to rehydrate, wear the best knee sleeves for basketball to protect your knees. After all, if you were to get injured, God forbid, would you blame anyone? Similarly, maintain your knee sleeves well and they will last you longer. If you will be playing against a rough team, wear knee braces instead. They do a better job at protecting you from continuous physical impacts. Ultimately, good quality knee sleeves can help you recover from swelling and even hurting knees.